Friday, March 27, 2009

Rain, Rain go away....

Well, it rained but it didn't rain out practices. I started getting calls before lunch about whether or not we would practice. LOL...I have no idea what the weather is going to be like at 6 when you call at 11:30. I can remember my Dad getting those phone calls and he would drive down and walk around the fields. I can't leave and go walk the fields so I send my Mom or my brother, whoever is available. Barney Fyffe went for me. He looked at the field....only standing water on one. Okay, but he didn't walk on the squishy ground. The red clay mud was so thick it was difficult to run in...especially on the softball fields. YUCK!

But everyone was there...the park was full! I love it like this. I enjoy all the parents. I hate that I don't get to sit and watch my own kids and enjoy them playing but I am trying to help the whole and even at 7 and 6 they understand that. We took the wee babe to the park last night. Starting her young...she will soon love the smell of the grass and the chalk lines and lights glowing, the screams of the kids as they run and play! What more could make it perfect??? According to Madame Secretary...."an open concession stand!" My work is never done...LOL

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  1. Geee...doesn't Barney know you HAVE TO WALK THE FIELD? And yes, an open concession stand would be nice...Gertrude is a big fan of the whole open concession stand idea.