Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tales from the Centerfield....

It's 8:30pm on a Tuesday night I haven't seen my husband or my kids. I still haven't had supper and my cell hasn't stopped ringing. I am not some big wig executive at some high profile Fortune 500 company. I am not a world famous cardiac surgeon. I am just a everyday average "yo mama" with 3 kids and a husband, BUT I am also responsible for managing our neighborhood rec league. Sure it is fun, I have met lots of wonderful people and made some very special friendships. But it is a full time job, I mean I am on the phone all day long and into the evening. I run from the time I get home till it is time for bed trying to get it all done. It is a full time job that doesn't pay a dime but if smiles were dollars I would be a millionaire. Just seeing the kids out there having a great time is well worth it!

So when I got home tonight and in between sneaking bites of supper and washing little people's hair I was thinking about our park website. We are trying to step up and bring our little league into the 21st century. Well, there in our little bathroom it hits me..."Hey! Why not blog about all that goes into this craziness?" I thought this is a terrific opportunity for our parents and anyone else who might find it interesting to see what goes into running a sports league.

So here it is the good the bad and the ugly. This is also my way of getting it all out and not talking everyone's ear off about what is new with Continental League. Read, Laugh, Sympathize....just don't judge! LOL


  1. OH my Dana definitely needs to know about this! LOL.